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Surgical Operating Microscopes

Dr. Wieseman completes all procedures while using a dental operating microscope. The increased magnification allows him have greater visibility of the tooth so that he can more accurately and efficiently complete the root canal procedure. The microscope is equipped with the brightest LED light source available providing optimum illumination to give you the best treatment outcome. This also allows him to more accurately find additional canals or locate problems like a cracked tooth. The use of the microscope will often prevent the need for additional or more complex procedures like an endodontic surgery.



CBCT 3D Imaging

Dr. Chris Wieseman is committed to providing the best possible treatment, which is why the Carestream 8100 Cone Beam CT is a critical component of our practice.  Traditional x-rays are only two dimensional while the CBCT creates a 3D digital reconstruction of your tooth.  This allows Dr. Wieseman to diagnose and treat the most complex types of cases with predictable success.  He will show you the 3D rendering of your tooth, explain what he sees, and if you want he will provide a copy of the scan for you to take home or give to your dentist.





Digital Radiography

Our office exclusively uses digital x-rays, which allow us to reduce the amount of radiation needed compared to film x-rays.  The radiographs show up instantly on our computer so we can verify that all of the information needed was captured.  This also allows us to immediately share with you what is being seen to help you better understand our treatment.  



TDO Software

Our office uses TDO, the universally acknowledged gold standard in endodontic electronic records. Designed by a leading endodontist, in conjunction with a community of endodontists dedicated to the foundational principle that the patient's care always come first, the software streamlines and simplifies patient registration, referral communication, medical history review, and clinical and imaging documentation. It operates off the Checklist Manifesto common in top hospitals and the airline inductry to minimize errors and improve performance and patient outcomes.

Much more than a software, we are part of a community of top clinicians dedicated to mentoring each other, clinical excellence, and self-improvement and continual critical self appraisal so needed for professional improvement and development. As a user of the software, and as a member of the TDO community, our focus is on providing the highest level of care within the endodontic specialty. 

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